Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday morning indigestion and random things.

I am hurting today.

Monday morning indigestion.

Although we didn't have the big family gathering … no chaos, wild laughter or moderate tension … we did have food. And since Frannie must always cook in massive quantities, we had too much food.

Perhaps the variety had something to do with it as well.

Orange Glazed Ham (of course)
Spiced Leg of Lamb (I didn’t eat that!)
Seven Layer Salad
Creamed Spinach
Lemon Asparagus
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Country Biscuits
Lemon Sponge Cake with fresh strawberries

It was delish! And I did eat in moderation, but I think the combination was not good for this gut!
Well that and I seem to be sort of addicted to Stacy's Baked Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips. They’re good for me, right?? I mean 'cause they're baked and all ... No cholesterol or Trans fat – they must be healthy! Yeah, not so much. 9 chips = 140 calories. You can not eat just 9 of these. No way, no how! I finally had to ask LittleMiss to hide the bag from MaaMaa ... who sad is that?

I love starch, what can I say? I would so much rather have chips, crackers, break, potatoes, pasta than chocolate or ice cream any day. When I don’t feel good – they’re what I want … when I do feel good, they’re what I want. This is a bad thing for a chubby housewife who is trying to become a red hot mama!

I finally met with my tax guy today. Yes, I am a procrastinator – thank you very much. I think we are going to have to PAY this year … so I have been putting it off for as long as possible. I have to get him some more numbers and I should know in about two days.

Since Mr. Farmer started his new business venture he has been a changed man. And for the better. Thanks to the advice of T-girl, I am also a better wife lately. I am still not a huge Dr. Laura fan, but she does have some good points when it comes to how we should treat our spouses.

My cute little wireless mouse is killing me. I have to change the batteries at least every 12 days. NUTS. And I know that I should take Jagular’s advice and shell out the cash for the expensive lithium batteries … I just haven’t been able to do it – I do have a rather large stock of Costco AA batteries on hand … perhaps when they are gone.

I desperately need a nap. I drank too much coffee, trying to ‘wake up’ – another reason my stomach is killing me, I am sure.

The ‘cheater’ moved out of the house this weekend. Yes, the day before Easter. I didn’t see her children (or her) at church yesterday, but the husband was there. After seeing him, I am certain he knows … even if he doesn’t admit that he knows. It sucks.

I just finished reading Stella in Heaven. A nice book. Humorous. Next up The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer – not my normal taste but it was a gift so I will read it.

We watched Raise Your Voice (with Hilary Duff) last night. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The preteens like it.

I guess I will leave you with that …


Love is an act of endless forgiveness. - Jean Vanier

Don't cut your conscience to fit this year's fashions. - Lillian Hellman

The Mighty One, God, the LORD, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets. Psalm 50:1


T-girl said...

Oh Franny don't get me started on that Cheating situation, at least herself moved out... in one of the cases I got involved in last year (NOPT by choice, I was watching their kids, he worked with the hubby, AND she felt the need to keep confessing to ME of all people) she felt HE needed to leave AND she kept the kids and house... and her lover... who happened to be HIS doctor, which I think is just bs! My ex cheated on me also and I have very strict things about the, I guess you would call them manners of the situation! While now I look back and can see the whys, hows etc and thank God for it (I am MUCH better off and honestly hope he found the happiness he really did deserve from someone who really DID love him... I thought I did but I was 19, what did I know? LOL)! Hubby and I have a very strict rule in our house, "you choose to go outside our family YOU and you alone leave it!" (Although I am sure if this were to happen we would share our children but it will never happen so why bother even imagining it! LOL) I have absolutely NO respect for cheating, I think if things are that bad then you need to be a man/woman and either deal with it or have some self respect and respect for your spouse (even if you don't "love" them now you did at one time and if you have children for that reason alone they deserve consideration) and end it BEFORE you decided to dip your wick so to speak! Sorry you got me started, I feel very strongly about this, it is all a matter of respect and integrity in my book. Yes stuff happens but you know what... NOTHING happens that quick and there was 1001 different moments for the cheating spouse to walk away BEFORE they go over the "edge!" I DO however love the stories of people who have been here and find a way back, who fess up to the reason WHY they cheated... go figure. I guess it is how you deal with it in my book! LOL

Sorry I just babbled... it is your fault! LOL

BTW- I am not a huge Dr. Laura fan myself, I tried to be but you know what... she still annoys me. Also she made some comments on her radio show about military personel and the president, that although in the manner she meant was kind... she REALLY needs to keep her trap shut when she has NO clue what she is talking about. It was just one of those off the cuff comments that she stated as fact and WASN'T and it made me lose a lot of respect! LOL I do however like a number of things she has to say on marriage, while I don't agree with ALL, she DOES have some good info! ;)

TTQ said...

bread is good..i could live on fresh baked bread. That's all. carry on with the real point of your post, i don't have much to add, i haven't been married for a year yet.

Beth said...

wow, that's alot of food! Did you cook all of that? No wonder you're tired! and have indigestion! but sounds delish...the food, not the indigestion.

Evil Pru said...

HAve a peppermint altoid. Those really help my indigestion.

I'm with you on the carbs. There is nothing better than a hot, steaming loaf of french bread piled high with sweet creamy butter and a cappuchino. oooo lala, I must be french!

thethinker said...

Wow, what a meal! I'm starving now.

Anonymous said...

MMmmm I'm strangely hungry right now. No wonder your tired, get thee to a nap!

And oh's all about the carbs, baby!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Yeah, I'd have indigestion too. But it sounds soooo good.