Thursday, July 05, 2007

Not by the hair on my chiny chin chin.

Well, it has officially happened. I have entered the club.

Some of you know it, some of you will and some of you adamantly deny knowing about the club.

You see, this morning I was wearily looking in the mirror .. contemplating a pluck or two in the eyebrow area and doing the overall facial scan ... come on, you know you do it too! No new blemishes, my cheeks are quite rosy since I got completely and utterly sun burnt yesterday ... anywho different story ... so I am checking away when I notice something foreign on my chin, well actually under my chin ... you can just imagine my shock! I don't yet have any of those upper lip hairs that some of my friends mention. Nor do I have any of those pesky grey hairs that I have hear of (not that I can tell at least -- thank you very much Miss Clairol). I did, while gestating AngleBaby, sprout some super pale, ultra soft peach fuzz in the side-burn area ... but it disappeared promptly after birth ...

As usual, I digress .... so here I am staring at this nearly 1/2 inch hair sticking out of my chin. Where the heck did that thing come from? It wasn't there yesterday. How did it get so long so quickly??

So, I plucked away. Does that mean that I will get 2 or ten back? Oh my heavens ... I hope not.

Is this the beginning of the rapid aging process? I am too young for that, aren't I? I am not yet 40! Doesn't your body got to hell after 40? Not before?

Ironically, I am just finishing up The Estrogen Underground: Reinvention, so I guess I was subconsciously preparing myself for this aging process ... or did I curse myself by reading up on it??

Hmmmm .... something to thing about.


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TTQ said...

PLUCK EM! I pluck before I get's like straighting the house up before the maid comes..

My skin is still showing the indifferent care it received when I was in the hospital.. I did a mask and exfoliate tonight and in the morning I will have all my unwanteds waxed off. Well the most obvious of them are gone already..

amandarama said...

My mom had black hairs on her chin forever. I've had mine since I was about seventeen. Thank you, genetics. I get them all the time, but I know to look for them, so I can usually get 'em out before they become noticeable to anyone.

Just a tip: the best place to pluck is in the car. The natural light is awesome!

Jenster said...

Welcome to the club. I had become a junior member in my mid to late 30's, but am a full fledged senior member ever since chemo.

Jagular said...

Well, look on the bright side....
Ok, I'm trying to think of a bright side.

If it grows in all thick and bushy, you could join the circus!!!

Anonymous said...

How dare those hairs show up! Pluck away is what I say.

S* said...

I say pluck it.

As for grey hairs...I had one show up at 28 and it's still there. It hasn't multiplied. Of course, that's cause I didn't pluc it. ;)

I have a grey eyelash that showed up a few months ago. I'm 29.


Im They are so terrible rnt they. I plucked and it does not seem to improve either. Im afraid in ten years I will look like chewbacca, and Im only 24. lol