Friday, April 13, 2007

Frannie's Friday Fourteen - NO BOYS ALLOWED!

I can't seem to get back in the groove of posting regularly. Mostly because Mr. Farmer seems to be around a lot more lately -- at the times that I would generally post. And since he isn't aware of this blog, and I am not prepared to introduce him to this part of the technology drive world .. I don't blog in front him. (I also don't wee, poo or fluff in front of him -- so you see, it is important to keep up appearances!)

Ok ... so there have been some ... ummm, girl things running through my cluttered brain lately ... thus the NO BOYS ALLOWED! So if you are a boy (man, male, machismo -whatever) stop reading right this minute and come back another day!

1) So as I mentioned, since Mr. Farmers new business venture he has been a changed man -- for the better. I have been a better wife. And thinking in the l.o.v.e. department have been ... ummmm ... well ... spicy!

2) Recently Manic mentioned that she was felling a bit crabby about being almost in her L A T E thirties. And I feel for her, I do! I am in the same place, although I think I am a bit older than Manic's L A T E thirties.

3) The flip side of being in my L A T E thirties, is that my ... ummmm ... drive is quite charged. I feel like a teen aged boy with raging hormones but no acne. It is astonishing. Really.

4) Not that my drive was ever low, but between the weight loss and hormones, it is hopped up! And Mr. Farmer doesn't quite know what to make of it.

5) Now I have to make some, well, potentially embarrassing admissions and ask some potentially embarrassing questions.

6) Last week, I was trimming the hedge, so to speak ... and got a little carried away and completely mowed the lawn. You know how you just sort of start trimming something and it gets a little of balanced and so you trim some more and then the other side is off ... and so on and so on ... pretty soon --- g.o.n.e. Yep, that's me.

7) Which isn't all that bad. I have been there before and this time the side effects aren't as bothersome as they have been. I got some of this and it really helps.

8) However, I have decided that I would like to be rid of the lawn more long term .. and well, most smoothly. I tried this, but it didn't work. I think the lawn is perhaps too short ... but I am not sure.

9) Potentially embarrassing question -- how long does the lawn have to be before you can get a professional lawn mowing? This is getting complicated.

10) You see, I have never had a wax job lawn mowing - on any body part before ... I don't actually have ... well, ummm, any other body lawn to mention. So I don't know what the standards are for getting the job done.

11) Ok, other girl stuff ... since I have lost quite a bit of weight, and since I have birthed 4 babies (and had a few other pregnancies that resulted in miscarriage) I have a mommy tummy that won't go away, regardless of the number of sit-ups I do. I am actually considering a tummy-tuck. Has anyone else had one? Please tell me about it. The pain, the recovery, the cost ... email me at youcantunscramblescrambledeggs @ gmail dot com.

12) Does anyone think that is bad? A tummy-tuck, I mean? I have to say that I am not sure ... that perhaps it isn't what God intends ... and then this morning I read a quote on T's blog "God may have put them there but that's not where he wants them!" - Stacy London. Worth thinking about.

13) I am attending a girls night out tonight. I can't remember the last time I did that. I am so excited. So, of course, LittleMiss woke up vomiting this morning - I swear it happens (with one of them) every time I want to go somewhere.

14) Guess what? I am going anyway! She doesn't have a fever. Her spirits are still high ... she is playing and having a good time -- except when she vomits every other hour. I am certain that Mr. Farmer can handle it.

--- Ok, so I never asked to be nominated Mother of the Year.


· A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. - Jean Rostand

Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow. Psalm 144:4

I just have to say ... I consider myself a Christian blogger - and felt a little conflicted about posting on such a racy topic -- but I realized that I am just an average woman with average things (I hope!) and that I don't think talking about s.e.x. is an un-Christian thing to do ...


TTQ said...

i've gotten crazy with spring cleaning and the yard work before...

Before my Wedding I waxed the bowling alley (I just made that up). Let's just say I haven't felt the urge to do that again or a sane enough reason.

I've been reading up on tummy tucks versus liposuction.. I don't want an empty bag just laying there so I guess the price depends if you have one or another or both. IF I could choose, I'd do both at the same time or as quickly as allowed. I'm also checking out boob jobs but they are ok for now, not shabby. But I am really serious about doing a lift and implants before I hit 40.

T-girl said...

U use to be anti anything surgical... how vain I thought... yeah I was stupid! LMAO I fully plan on putting things back to where they belong when I am done with having babies! ;)

Ok, so the lawn needs to be grown out to at the very least 3/8 of an inch... which is like a 1/4 inch, why can't they just say THAT? Would be to complicated! LOL So anyways.... yeah... I do my legs... not brave enough to do the whole lawn! ;)

Oh and I don't think it is unChristian at all... THAT would be a bit more graffic and MUCH naughter. It is a matter of how you class it up in my opinion.

Prunella Jones said...

I've had a bikini wax before and it hurt pretty good. More than a bee sting, less than childbirth. But I did enjoy the results. One of these days I'd like to get the full Brazilian. I'd let it grow out pretty good before you do it.

As for the tummy tuck, I say go for it! If it makes you happy then who cares what anyone else thinks. It's no one else's business anyway.

Beth said...

first of all....who created sex to begine with....GOD!!! nuff said!!

you are a married woman with healthy, NORMAL need to apologize.

now to lawn mowing....I too, trim the hedges, but have never gotten rid of all the grass. Well, I take that back..I did one time, and the growing back was HORRIBLE!!! I swore I had a million little bigs crawling all over me and I itched like crazy so I've never done that again.

But waxing isn't supposed to be TOO's just being on a table with my ankles around my head and someone ripping my cooter apart that scares me! ;)

and I would SO get a tummy tuck if I could afford one....

Ffleur said...

I think Blogger has finally decided to allow me to leave messages so here goes.

Go for the tummy tuck. Have your abdominal muscles tightened at the same time. Apparently its a bitch for pain but well worth it as pregnancy whacks out the muscles.

I sent you an email about the rest. Because Blogger was being a poop!

Anonymous said...

As for the full mow go see she has a fantastic post about how to do your own mowing with some great advice and no its not super graphic and disgusting...

As for the tummy tuck go for it and go for the muscles as well!! After losing all that weight I'd say you have earned it.... I hope you have insurance though cuz isnt it expensive??? I'd love to have my boobs lifted and my tummy done...

Please dont worry about being unchristian with this post it wasnt racy, rude, or disgusting its a normal topic for women and all those pastors, elders, etc.. have sex etc and talk about sex and there sure are plenty more christians who have done way worse!!


Twisted Heels said...

Hi, I blog hopped and chanced upon your site.

Well, I always trim the hedges, but two months ago, I went for the full thing (first time). It didn't hurt a thing, just a minor flinch. The growing back part is a lil daunting because it does itch, so probably would have to go for a trimming every 6 weeks to keep it up.

Jagular said...

It's ok, I can do without reading this post. I already read the indigestion one. :P

Frannie Farmer said...

TTQ - - I love the bowling alley analogy. Perfect.
I want to do them both before I am 40 too – which isn’t that far away. I am more worried about the tummy part though because a WonderBra can do .. well, wonders!
T – - Frannie has NEVER been against anything surgical – I say whatever makes ya feel better. And aren’t we all vain at some level?
Thanks for the advice on the lawn length.
Pru – - worse than a tattoo? Which, to me, felt slightly more irritating than a bee sting. I really want the Bazillion – might as well go for the gusto I say!
Tummy tuck … I just have to convince Mr. Farmer that is worth the financing.
Beth – I have gotten rid of the grass once before and it did itch like mad. But not this time. I think it is the Bikini Zone stuff. And yea, the table w/the ankles up and all … a bit icky, but I have had 4 children – it isn’t like strangers haven’t had full view of the bowling alley before (thanks again TTQ).
Ffleur – - I didn’t know about the abdominal muscle part – that is the whole reason I would get a tuck – I have NO MUSCLES LEFT. If I did, I would keep trying with crunches and such! Thanks for the email too – I will respond to those comments via EM.
RR – - Hi sweets. How are you? I am gonna check out that site.
We don’t have insurance, we can not afford it. I don’t know how I would do it – but I know that what Frannie wants … Frannie generally gets --- with hard work … but I usually make it happen!
It is just convincing Mr. Farmer, who thinks I am practically perfect in every way :)
TH – - welcome. Whew what a post to come in for… I don’t generally discuss such things :) I have been mowing every few days and haven’t had any itchy issues, but I think I would rather do the wax thing .. if I can make it that long.
Jag – - well, um, I guess I have been taking up some rather unpleasant topics these days … sorry!

Jenster said...

Gosh! I have so much to say and nothing helpful! LOL

1 - As for the sex drive - since you ARE a Christian you should be praising God for it! (So should your husband - lol) And can I just say enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it because you never know when it's going to stop! Could be years and years. I started the overdrive when I was about 34. Unfortunately I went through chemo at 39 and it totally ruined it. Now I'm 41 and have been going through other crap and I'm just hoping and praying half of it will come back. Yeah, I know sex isn't the most important part of a happy marriage. But I LIKED it!

2 - Mowing the lawn (LOL! I loved that and the bowling alley). I do the trim thing, too. I've had the bikini area waxed and that wasn't so bad, but I can't even begin to imagine waxing the entire lane! I did lose more than just the hair on my head when I went through chemo and I have to say, it was nice. So if you figure out a good way to remove it all without massive pain, let me know.

I had a tummy tuck in December. But that was just so they could make new boobs for me. It wasn't so bad. Still some tightness, but nothing horrible. And mine may have been a little different than a regular tummy tuck. I'm not sure. But I don't think it's vain. I say go for it!

Geesh! I just realized all my comments had something to do with my cancer. How irrelevant for you!

Swishy said...

OK, I would not do the whole thing. They can go in far enough with the bikini wax and take some off the top, and that's enough pain. Just trim what's left. I would let it grow out about 10 days from the last time you shaved/did anything and EXFOLIATE first! Otherwise you'll get ingrown hairs. Also, pop an Advil a half an hour before you go. It does hurt. The top hurts the worst ... gahhh, I hate the top. It also hurts more when it's too long/too short (well, mostly just doesn't work when it's too short) ... a week is about right for me, but 10 days is playing it safe.