Friday, March 09, 2007

And here we go again.

It hit SweetiePie this morning. She isn't vomiting yet, but as I drove her to school she turned an odd shade of green ... I promptly turned the car around and sent her back to bed. She is still asleep.

I am feeling strangely green myself. But for the moment I am going to chalk it up to drinking a pot (yes, that is something like 8 cups) of cheap coffee - I ran out of the good stuff and picked this up when I got the Superman Popsicles at Walgreens. urgh ... I feel ill.

Ok, so in the spirit of happiness ... and because I haven't done it in over a month ... here is Frannie's Friday Fourteen ... 14 odd thoughts on my mind.

1) Is it wrong that I just put the same pie plate back in the dishwasher for the 6th or 7th time ... rather than washing it by hand?

2) I found myself sleeping face to face with AngelBaby (in the middle of the night somewhere), we were breathing in each others breath ... there is something I love about that. I used to (use to? no one answered that question) do that a lot when my babies were babies.

3) I just read this story about ANS's Native son. All I can say is - that is some weird sh*t. Girl is dead and still the stories get stranger and stranger ... she is livin' up to the Marilyn Monroe strangeness.

4) Mr. Farmer decided that stayin' at his bro's was probably not the best idea, and I didn't have to say a word.

5) I can't believe how sick to my stomach I feel. I was really hoping to fold some laundry with Mr. Farmer tonight ... not seeing that happening at the moment.

6) We watched Eloise (at the Plaza) four times yesterday and I realized where I get my habit of repeating (in writing and in speech) things three times (it's cold, cold, cold in here) -- it's from Nanny ... I am taking on the habits of a frumpy Julie Andrews. Yikes (yikes, yikes!)

7) Speaking of Eloise, did you know that they made the two movies (Eloise at the Plaza & Eloise at Christmastime) back to back so that the child actress (Sofia Vassilieva) would not age, because the author (Kay Thompson) feared that any additional spin-offs would be poor quality. And ... I was shocked to see that Sofia is now on the show Medium, since I don't have cable and I probably wouldn't watch that show if I did ... it was just a shock to see her so grown up!!

8) I can't seem to focus, I keep surfing blogs and such while I am trying to write ... but I am determined to finish this ... and read a book this weekend ... I don't know which one, as I have at least 20 sitting on my bedside table. How do you put one of those book-list-thingy's on your sidebar anyway?

9) I got an email yesterday from someone that I gave some of my BBQ sauce to (for Christmas) and he wants buy some. He thought I bought it - ummm and rebottled it with my name?? ... anywho, now comes the issue - I didn't have a recipe ... I just made it up, like I do everything. How can I possibly charge someone for something if I don't know what I am doing?

10) I have had over 3,800 visits since I started this blog. That really surprises me!!! And largest majority are from Illinois ... which surprises me even more -- thanks to all who stop by and put up with my nonsensical ramblings ..

11) AngelBaby is currently running around in a summer halter dress, her snow boots and a blanket as her cape. Too cute, I am tellin' ya! She keeps running up to me and kissing my arm .... I think she wants me to stop ... ummm too bad.

12) SweetiePie woke up and is now bored! Of course, now that it is too late to go to school - on a Friday none the less. Why can't I remember all of the tricks I used to (use to?) pull. Naive mommy ... very naive.

13) My kids love Life Cereal - they could finish off a box in a day if I let them ... recently I got some Vanilla Yogurt Crunch Life, thinking it might be a nice change (sometimes I get the Cinnamon, but ususally it is just the original stuff) - this stuff is just gross ... ick, ick, ick! None of them will even touch it, and I have to admit that I am not gonna either. blech!

14) 14 strange (or not) ways people get to Frannie's Blog:
* scrambled eggs by good cooks for 50 people ... good luck w/that!
* pregnant wife - give her eggs! The chocolate kind.
* can nine month old eat scrambled eggs - not a good idea.
* how long can you keep baked eggs - one to two days tops!
* fun thing you can do to eggs - I don't want to know.
* Like Water for Chocolate, sanity and insanity - Fabulous read!!!
* tara reid scrambled eggs - Tara Reid .. scrambled everything.
* U N S C R A M B L E . b l o g s p o t . c o m - not found, bet you knew that already.
* stephanie klein - Greek Tragedy.
* ben Affleck - meh.
* mark ruffalo - grrrr tiger ...
* Ina Garten, nude - Barefoot Contessa, not nude but pretty cool anyway.
* Eggs with out milk - you don't have to use milk, you can add a little water, olive oil, butter, sour cream or even Crème Fraîche.
* what to do with anxiety attacks, can't breathe - go to

~ Happy Friday!

Let everyone understand that the real love of God does not consist in tear-shedding...but in serving God by serving those around us, in justice, fortitude of soul, and humility. -St. Teresa of Avila

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago
. -Warren Buffet

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect... 1 Peter 3:15


T-girl said...

#9... start writing stuff down, at least WHAT you added (am the same way, I just add then later am like "WTH did I do?" LOL), I can at least repeat that once I know what I had IN the stuff to begin with! LOL Good luck, that is great!

ANS... it is just more and more bazaar! I truly hope the child is Larry Birkheads, he may not be the best ideal but you know what... at least he wanted her no matter what BEFORE ANS died! The men coming out of the woodwork now that she is dead is rediculous, seriously rediculous and discusting. I have a feeling that half those men are full of crap!

I love how people find you. I am compiling a blog post of this topic myself. Eventually! ;)

I hope you all are feeling better.

OH, what did I miss with Mr. Farmer and the brother? I am so confused then you all were going to "fold laundry" together (LOVE that btw)and befuddled me more. Did I miss a day? I am going to have to check!

Oh, I have a site that does the book lists, I am actually trying to find a new layout right now so have not put it up yet. I don't know where I put it though. Go to Sensitive Souls Relm on my blog and look at hers (there is a link on it) that is where I got it!

Hugs- T

T-girl said...

OK, I have been checking your blog and I think for some reason my browser was only pulling up your old stuff... i am sorry I missed so much, I have no clue how or why of it! But I really missed quite a bit! I was wondering why you were checking my blog but not updating yours! It was all very strange to me! LOL

Anne said...

:) You're right. It's "used to."

Frannie Farmer said...

T - I try to write it down, but it is more of a quantity thing .. I never make the same amount twice. But I told Mr. Farmer that that might be my hood 'never the same taste twice ..."
Things are brighter on the farm!
Anne - thank you .. it has been bugging me!

TTQ said...

ANS and OJ Simpson did you see that one? I was reading my husbands monitor over his shoulder I'm not sure where he was rading it..we read totally different papers.

S* said...

Yeah, what is UP with that ANS story? Gosh, I guess you have to expect all sorts to come out of the woodwork and make their claim. So tragic.

I'm feeling green too. The stomach flu has decided to hit me for the second time in a month. Yea!!!

prunella jones said...

Great list. ANS's saga would make a great miniseries wouldn't it? It's more over the top than any soap opera I've ever seen. I'm expecting to find out that she faked her own death and she's now plotting to get a sex change and re-appear as her own long lost evil twin brother.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Love the list. So glad I haven't been sick. And ANS...what can I say. That one won't be figured out completely for a while, if ever.

Ffleur said...

Hi Frannie:

I am home too, with a vicious head cold. My poor head feels like its weighs about 1000 pounds.

As far as adding book lists into your blog, go to the Template, scroll down to where your blog list and previous posts are and sort of just copy those formats.

That is what I did. It didn't turn out as pretty, but it worked.

FireWithin said...

You know, it cracked me up that you said you liked breathing your babies breath.... I feel suffocated when I do that.... like I am being killed with carbon dioxide. I guess it is the scientist in me. :)