Saturday, March 31, 2007

Need a good cry?

Some times in the midst of my chaotic life, when I am feeling a bit whoa is me, I just need a good cry.

Do y’all ever feel like that?

If so, I have the ticket for you – read this book!

It worked for me. I was up until nearly 2am last night – this morning – finishing it. I could hardly put it down the last few days … but since I only get to read real books at night, I wasn’t able to read as much as I wanted. But last night, I just couldn’t stop.

Kristin Hannah has written other novels; Comfort & Joy, Angel Falls, Between Sisters, On Mystic LakeMagic Hour is the first one I have had the pleasure of reading. It is haunting me this morning. (So much so that I had to break out of my Blogging sabbatical).

Here's Frannie's run down ...

Dr. Julia Cates, a well known extremely gifted child psychiatrist, who until recently had a flourishing practice, has just lost everything she thought was important to her. Technically she comes out unscathed, emotionally – she is ruined. Like so many of us, she just wants to run away and hide from the world.

Ellie, Julia’s promqueenalwaysperfectlovedbyeveryone sister, is the police chief back in their sleepy little home town. The two are as different as day and night and neither knows how to relate to the other – every word is a potential offence. Of course they haven't spoken in years ...

When a little girl almost magically materializes from the woods, the two are bound together to save this “wild child”. Alice, as they name her, acts like an animal, incapable or unwilling to speak (at least in our language).

Along with Julia and Ellie, Max (the always present – in Novelworld – handsome mysterious Dr.) and the rest of the town unite to buck the system and protect Alice. There are numerous twists and turns in the novel – and sadness that is not for the weak at heart.
Each character is damaged in one way or another, but each one in a way that will touch your heart. Although the characters mentioned are the main characters, there are many more that make the book what it is.

I loved it. You might too. I will absolutely be reading more of Kristin Hannah.

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Prunella Jones said...

That book sounds intriguing but I really prefer books that make me laugh. Just watching the news at night makes me cry. Altho I do enjoy a good tearjerking Lifetime movie every now and again.

queenb2u said...

I never know when something in a book will make me cry. It can be the least little thing that sets me to sobbing. I'm such a softy.:)