Friday, March 16, 2007

Binge and Purge.

Not a pretty title ...
and really if one is discussing Binge and Purge in the true sense of the word(s) - not a pretty topic.

But I am not heading down that particular path today ... nope. I am talking about Binge and Purge in other areas.

Like clothes. Or shoes.

An area that many women know all too much about ... (Leigh Ann - self professed bulimic shopper). I have been know to buy several of the same shirts - in different colors, of course - on a whim ... only to never actually remove the tags and wear said shirts.

Shoes ... don't even get me started ...

As I mentioned last week - I have been giving things aways in a frenzy. Purging. I have been purging. And it feels terrific. Yesterday I gave 2 large GLAD bags to a friend who quit smoking and has been gaining here and there ... who wants to buy new when you are praying that you don't stay there?

Today I took 2 more bags to a shelter that helps women get back on their feet after domestic violence. They got shoes galore ... most of them still had the tags on them - what was I thinking?

Another what was I thinking? ...

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It has a matching purse. Did I ever wear it? NO! (mine was similar to this ... couldn't find an actual picture of it - not so shocking really!)

This morning, I showed it to a gal I know who is losing weight - but has quite a lot to lose before she hits my bigger sizes. She l.o.v.e.d. it. Said it would motivate her. Ok! I have given her all (most) of my old professional duds. It makes me happy to see her thrilled w/her new stuff.

So, what really got me to thinkin' about the old Binge and Purge - actually had little to do with food or my previous obsession of buying shit things I don't need (I am not getting into my stationary drawer file cabinet) ... and more to do about friendships.

Does it seem like sometimes you have more friends than you know what to do with ... and other times when you feel like you really need 'em - there just doesn't seem to be a friend any where - or at least not the appropriate friend for the occasion.

Some will say that you can never have too many friends ... I don't think I can take that view - I understand it but I don't believe it is so. If you have too many friends, it becomes difficult to cultivate a true, deep connection with anyone in particular. As women, I think we need that deep friendship - at least one person that we can say anything to, who will still love and respect us after we have uttered those foolish (incriminating) words.

I can't speak for men, but it seems that they don't require this type of interaction as much as women do ... men (all two of you) please correct me if I am wrong.

What is funny though, is that while in the shower this morning I found myself saying I am just not a very good blogger friend ... I feel like I am constantly getting behind in reading the blogs that I love - I have too many favorites to keep track - too many categories (funny, mommies, Christians, the cheaters, the cheated, celeb gossip, educational, world news - ok well the last one is a lie ... but I wish it were true) - I don't comment as often as I think I should - I am not as witty as the other comments, as insightful ...

I have been binging with my blogging buddies ... however, I am not prepared to purge. There aren't any that I want to give up ... I like them all - maybe not equally, because they all do something for me ... when I need them - during the appropriate occasion - I value them all.

What am I saying? Who the heck knows? Perhaps I want to say just cause I don't come around as often as I should -- it doesn't mean I don't care ... I do.


ps - guess I am skipping Frannie's Friday Fourteen - maybe I'll have to go for Saturday Sixteen ...

Keep praying, but be thankful that God's answers are wiser than your prayers! -William Culbertson

He is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. Colossians 1:18


Jenster said...

I have the same dilemma. I end up spending so much time bloghopping that I'm not getting the stuff done around the house that I need to. I'm a homemaker for crying out loud and I'm not doing a very good job of it. And I feel guilty when I don't leave comments, too. There has to be a happy medium.

Swishy said...

Don't purge me!!!! :)

So true about women and friends. Everyone needs someone they can be uncensored around. I have this one friend who I swear should think I'm the world's worst person by now, but thank goodness, she doesn't.

(PS I wasn't able to get to your blog for a few days, but today it finally worked. I have no idea what was up.)