Thursday, March 08, 2007

Out with the old ... in with the ...


In with the slightly used, yet not abused, but new to me!

Ok, so today I gave away the last of my Big Girl clothes. It was hard to do. You know, sort of like a security blanket. Or like, maybe if I give them away, I will curse my weight loss and end up needing them again - it isn't like I haven't done that a time - or ten - before.

Last week I (BSTO - before sickness took over) I went to a few thrift stores and got some jeans that actually fit. I have been mostly wearing my big girl clothes even though they were pretty much falling off.

Backing up a bit ... when I started my life changing eating habits a year ago I weighed in at well over 230. I probably wore about a size 22 (I say probably because you know I wasn't actually going to go in a pick up a size 22 ... so I sort wore large clothes that could stretch or squeezed myself into my 18-20's ...) ... well, I still had some 18's in my closet - you know the motivating clothes .. but nothing really smaller than that because I think I got rid of all the rest after I had one of those babies ... anywho, I digress.

Ok, so in the last few months, I have gotten some of those cute Old Navy Gaucho pants ... and since I was used to (now please tell me is it used to or use to? I get so confused!) buying bigger sizes I just picked up the XXL and went with them ... along with some of the smaller sized sweat/yoga pants I have made it work ... until last week (BSTO) when AngelBaby decided to pants me in front of everyone at church ..!

I have a point, I swear!

Of course, I decided that I should probably get some pants that fit! Ok, back to the thrift-ish stores ... I went on a hunt ... thinking that I need some 16's since the 18's were a little too big.
I went to 3 stores that didn't have any 16's at all ... so I ventured into a dreaded, well known, thrift store. At this point, I just decided to grab a handful of maybes and just try stuff on ...

Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer ... I was shocked, seriously shocked to find that I could comfortably wear a 14 and snuggly fit into a 12! A 12! Oh my stars ... I haven't worn a 12 since I married Mr. Farmer ... wow! A good day for Frannie.

So, there you go ... long story, far too long ... I got rid of the big girl clothes and I got me some new duds ...

OK ... now some randomness ...

- Why is my dishwasher making a squeaking noise that sounds like a small dog whining?

- How do you lose a dustpan? I can not find mine anywhere ... I am guessing that someone threw it away and just won't fess up.

- LittleMiss seems much harder hit than AngelBaby did ... she is still quite listless, her fever is still high - but she isn't vomiting anymore. And AngelBaby, being AngelBaby, has made it her mission to keep her big sister awake ... so I am constantly shooing her away from LittleMiss ...

- One of our neighbors came over and gave us some deer sausage and deer steaks ... um, yea, nothin' heals the pukes and sh*ts (thanks Slackermommy) better than deer meat.

- It is really hard to type while eating a Popsicle! You can't set them down - messy. I can't type one handed very well - messy. And you can't keep them in your mouth - cold!

- I am eating a Popsicle because it is the only thing LittleMiss has kept down in days and when I gave her one, it sounded really good - so I had one. And now I have brain freeze.

- So, I got Superman Popsicles because they has some (very little) real fruit juice in them ... and because ... well, that's really all they had at Walgreen's besides those Push-Up thingys that are just too messy for me ... anywho, so I got the Superman Popsicles and now whenever AngelBaby wants one she sings I'm no Superman ... because since we don't actually have cable TV, we only have one station that comes in and it seems that they are constantly airing Scrubs and apparently my girls love the theme song ... but only know those 3 words! Well, come to think of it, they are the only words I know ....

- Mr. Farmer has a big work thing next week and is seriously considering staying at his bro's house for a few days so he doesn't get sick ... come on, should I really let him out of all the fun? Is it selfish of me to want him to share in my misery? Is it selfish of me to want him to go somewhere else so I can just handle it my way? You know, like it's ok if we want to eat mashed potatoes or mac & cheese or ramen noodles for every meal - we (ok, the rest of we) don't feel good ... who really needs meat and potatoes and bread and salad and blah, blah, blah every night?

- I can't stop thinking about how cute (dare I say Hot?) Zach Braff, now that I mentioned Scrubs. And what about Mark Ruffalo? Love him too, and his cute pregnant wife named Sunrise - cute, cute, cute. (Random, random, random!)

- Is it just me, or does Ben Affleck look not so cute (hot) these days ... I love that he loves his
wife and daughter so much - I just think he is losing his hotness. Just sayin'.

- Long winded enough for y'all?? I am beat! Please, oh please let my babies sleep tonight - and NOT Barf!!!

~ Frannie

I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right. - Billy Graham

If you make it plain you like people, it's hard for them to resist liking you back. - Lois McMaster Bujold

The LORD will keep you from all harm - he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8


Jennifer Talty said...

Congrats on the weight loss. That is a wonderful feeling.

I hope the kids sleep well.

Jenster said...

Whew! I think I caught all that. LOL

SUPER YAY TO YOU FOR YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! That is so awesome, Frannie! Goodonya! You are inspirational. :o)

I don't know if this makes you feel better, but my son lifted my skirt in church once. I turned behind me to see the minister's family and I said, "Well, there's a side of me you've never seen before," and quickly moved away. That was when he was in a very annoying phase. The week before he'd pulled a tampon out of my purse while we were in the middle of service and held it up for everyone to see. And, of course, we sat near the front.

I'm glad most of you seem to be over the yucks and I hope LittleMiss quickly follows suit.

prunella jones said...

There's nothing nicer than needing new clothes. Toss those old ones and don't give them a second thought!

I agree about Ben. I thought he was pretty hot in Chasing Amy. Since then...not so much.

Anne said...

Wonderful randomness in this post...and I have had a crush on Zach for a good long while... :)

Ms. Elenaeous said...

Very cool. You've motivated me to actually turn this thing off and go take a walk in the park...

Frannie Farmer said...

Jennifer - welcome. Thanks for stopping in .. I am humbled!
Jen - Kids do the most amazing things at church, don't they?
Pru - I am trying not to think about them. I sorta have a history of sayin "I'll never be that big again" .. only to get bigger than the last time. Sorta like Oprah, except I can't afford the new duds :o)
Anne - he is just so cute. I have read his blog a few times and he seems pretty down to earth!
Ms. E - Hey - you are doing good w/the smokes .. that is tough too!

TSS said...

Wow, it never fails. Women always go for the gay guys.

Frannie Farmer said...

TSS .. are you sayin' that Zach is gay? Come on, he dated Mandy Moore .. how un-gay could he be :O)

TSS said...

I know gay guys who are married with kids. If Zach Braff isn't gay, then I have no functional gaydar.

queenb2u said...

Don't you love shopping for new clothes especially when you find out you are a size smaller than you thought? Congratulations! Now the hard part is to keep it off. I know!:)