Saturday, March 17, 2007

Frannie's Saturday Sixteen Mixup

So its Saturday and I missed the Friday Fourteen because I was ranting about and .

So now I will do my penance and give you 16 random things that are occupying my head - watch out ...

1) Heartburn - I woke up with it and I want it to go away right.this.minute.

2) After all my talk about the Binge and Purge of life ... I some major Binge shopping at Old Navy - bad Frannie, very very very bad Frannie!

3) Is it wrong that I want to use THIS as a handbag?

4) I totally love THIS Tee. Am I too old for it?

5) LittleMiss and AngelBaby are watching The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan - who would have thought that she would turn out to be such a lush when she made this cute movie.

6) I have had Vanity Fair and another movie that I can't remember (I never even opened it) from Netflix for almost a month ... I should probably send them back - like TTQ suggests, but I really want to see Vanity Fair - because I love Reese Witherspoon.

7) Speaking of Reese - I am not really sure what to make of the rumors about her and Jake Gyllenhaal. They are both cute and successful, but I just can't picture it.

8) Although I do think that Kate & Owen and Drew & Spike look exceptionally cute together ...

9) LittleMiss is learning how to write ... she knows her letters but doesn't really know words yet. So she keeps writing all of these letters - on paper, dry erase boards, coloring books, whatever she can get her hands on - and then asking What does this SAY MaaMaa? What do you say when it say gehsalopwreomovdwsaq? I tried making up an answer but she is just too smart for that - no it doesn't MaaMaa ... what does it really say? gggrrr.

10) It's 12:30 and I haven't taken a shower yet, if I didn't have to go places this evening - I don't think I would. I feel a little hazy.

11) The Easter Bunny - do you do it? If so, do you do it for your teens and what do you put in the basket?

12) I am trying to figure out how I feel about the Angelina Jolie adoption thing. Why haven't they addressed the fact that Brad doesn't seem at all involved? In my mind I am sure it will be just like Zahara ... where they will change his name when they are back in the States, but you would think that he (Brad) would have something to say about it. I'm just sayin' ...

13) I have to cook another large meal tonight ... for a family reunion type gathering (not mine - I am preparing food for their party for $$$) - I am making an Italian dish that generally calls for mushrooms, but I can't decide if I should use them - because my family likes them I didn't realize until recently how much so people (a lot of people) don't actually care for them ... I might just make half and half ...

14) Is it possible to be hungry and full at the same time? That's how I feel right now.

15) If you get a chance ... wander over to Manic Mom's blog. She is feeling a wee bit down and could use some encouragement.

16) It's Saturday ... it's raining, I am still in my PJ's, Mr. Farmer made coffee before he went out to the field (nice of him huh? - but I don't think it is helping the heart burn), I did get to sleep in until 8am and I don't have to be anywhere for 4 more hours ... things could be worse :O)

Hope your weekend is terrific ....and a festive St. Patricks Day!


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Anonymous said...

The best thing for heartburn is to eat plain cooked oatmeal or potatos because they are alkaline and will neutrlize the acid heartburn. I've tried it and ot works every time.

I was wondering why Brad was conspicuously absent from the whole adoption thing. I think we will be hearing more about that soon.

Anne said...

Not sure about the bag, but I love the tee! And I loved Vanity Fair. Definitely worth a watching. Not as good as the book (of course,what movie is?) but still very visually beautiful and entertaining!

Hope you got around to that shower... ;)

TTQ said...

Get the tee and the's not like they are mega bucks. Little know fact..I wear Hello Kitty Shirts and Happy Bunny shirts...and pj's.

I did a Easter Basket for a 14 year old..I put in hair thingies, some packs of stick on rhinestones so she can customize her ipod and/or her cell. A darling stuffed rabbit, not real cutesy. A sugar panoramic egg, some fancy lollipops that look like a bunch of flowers..and I forget what else..

TTQ said...

Oh a rubber duckie, lip glosses and Pez Dispensers..

Ms. Elenaeous said...

One can never be too old to wear any wardrobe still consists of CBGB's, The Ramones and Stones t-shirts. When do you think Angelina will start to adopt some needy kids right here in this country? She can start with visiting some native American reservations.

T-girl said...

SO loving the bag! Yes you can use it and it is a bargin... half price, a steal! Am I helping? I love bags and am very good at rationalising them, let me know if you need help! ROTFL Oh and the shirt... thanks for the wandering around THAT store! LMAO I found a couple things "I" want now! LMAO

I would do the baskets for all, just older girl stuff the bigger ones... this way they don't feel left out. You know what I mean? They know it is not real but they still deserve a little treat right? Plus the younger ones might think it is odd that he forgot big sisters! ROTFL

The movie is good but kind of sad... she was good in it but I hated her character. I SO loved her hubby though, seriously great hero I wanted him SO bad! LOL Maybe he was just cute! LOL

Whatelse... there was something else I wanted to say... oh yeah! Brad has said that he couldn't get away, I saw that last week somewhere! The studio wouldn't release him to go or some such! I can't remember! I don't like her at all, sorry but I think her adopting children thing is a bit weird... I think SHE is weird! Granted they are better off in some ways but at the same time, not so much (Paparazzi?). I am really turned off by her and her attitude, especially to Shilho and how she feels more connected with her other children because they have suffered bs! She is an ODD duck... so is he though so whatever! Sorry, I have NEVER jumped on the Angie is so good bandwagon! I think she is a weirdo! LOL

Swishy said...

Yeah, I saw that Brad couldn't leave because of the movie he's filming--I guess they were able to get Pax sooner than they thought. And I think they wanted it to be a bonding thing with Maddox, since he is the other boy and the other Asian in the family, so Brad stayed with the girls. Also, she is adopting him alone because Vietnam won't let couples adopt unless they are married, but they will let single people adopt.

I know way too much about this whole thing.

Prunella's cousin Edith the poetess said...

I think that I shall never see
a shirt as lovely as that tee
may I suggest a matching capri?