Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blogroll ... My Favorites

I finally (I think) got 'em up there ... over there -->
to the right. Well, and down a bit.
Do you see it now?

What, you don't see your name?
Hmmm ... interesting - I thought I had everyone.
Drop me a note and I'll add you, if you like!

~ Frannie


ffleur said...

Hi Frannie,

its actually over there <------ and down a long ways. LOL!

Thanks for listing me girlfriend.


-Princess Shin- said...

I added u.. add me if you like! =)

Anonymous said...

A good long list there Frannie! Now I know where to come for some new blogs :-)

Karitown said...

Sniff, sniff. I don't see my name. I'm crushed. Just kidding;)) I finally got around to updating my own blog.

kissmekate said...

Oh Frannie I have gone all gooey!

After Shattered left the universe I was very heartbroken but I am now starting to feel loved again.

Thank you my darling! I needed a warm fuzzy tonight too!