Friday, December 29, 2006

Who doesn't need this during the holidays?

Prayer to Resist Overeating

Dear God, right now,
I surrender to You
my temptation to binge, to rebel,
to misuse the food You've blessed me with.
Fill me instead with Your Spirit and grace
and grant me the powerand will to STOP indulging
when I am no longer hungry.
Thank You that, by Your Spirit, within me,
I have the ability to resist
the urge to overeat today.

- Heather Kopp


prunella jones said...

Are you there God? It's me Prunella. Why do you have to make fattening food so delicious and plain, raw veggies so utterly boring? Could you please make me love health food? And while your at it, Lord, could you help me grow, you know where? Just enough to fill a DD cup? Thank you.

Sorry for the blasphemy Fran, I couldn't resist!

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
While Prunella is asking...could you make exercise much easier and more fun?? Or you could be very giving and make me the shape and size I was at 21...that way we don't need to worry about the food and exercise issues...

**Until then I will say Frannie's prayer when needed!!

Frannie Farmer said...

Pru - you go ahead with your blasphemy, you're just sayin' what we all wanna say anyway. (well, except the DD part for Frannie - I'd happily downsize to a C) :)
Mack - ohhh, 21. Such fond memories. Funny, how at 21 I thought I was heavy - ha, I had noooo idea what heavy meant. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh. I wish I thought that at 21...NO. I was so full of myself that I would eat dessert FIRST before every meal...KNOWING of course that I would NEVER get fat!! HAHAHA. Now at 31 I just stare at the dessert knowing that I get fat just LOOKING at it!!!