Thursday, November 16, 2006

I know I am not the only one ...

That hopes, prays even, that Britney doesn't take K-Fed back. I am sure if you look up the word repugnant in the dictionary, you will find his picture ... he makes me sick - almost literally.

The picture in this article seriously made me want to vomit ... K-Fed wants Britney Back!.

Ok, well maybe you didn't need to know that but urgh ...

I also know that I am not the only SAHM that shudders when faced with the idea of making actual adult conversation; conversation that has nothing to do with children.

This weekend I am faced with such a situation and I am nervous, beyond nervous actually. I have to talk about ‘businessy’ stuff .. small talk, you know topics that don't inclue poop-art,the Reese and Ryan split or how to appropriately grind nuts … yea, I am just not sure how this is going to go.

Usually I am ok When I attend adult functions, but I sorta have a stake in this one going well. It could mean potential, and much needed, income for Frannie … so I have to schmooze and talk myself up - I am soo not good at either of those things ... anymore.

Oh, back in the day I was an excellent schmoozin', small talkin', deal makin' pro-fess-ion-al! YOu bet. And I was ruthless. I could intimidate grown men with my knowledge and tenacity.

But it is different now. I became more sensitive after having children, less able to intimidate or exaggerate the benefits of something that is without merit. It is harder to put my ‘game face’ on, far more difficult to just ‘fake it’.

I was smaller, cuter then too. I am sure that didn't hurt. I feel ok now ... not too bad, but certainly not at the top of my game.

But I will try. I will put on an actual dress, with hose and high heels. I just might wear earrings and a little blush. I will make sure that I don't have any schmutz on my clothes before I walk through the door and I will do my best to impress.

Wish me luck! Please.

~ Frannie

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105


T-girl said...

Honey- YOU- ME- right here!!! (see the two fingers going back and forth!!!) I am so sorry I did not see this before you went! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I get so excited to see people that have the mental capacity of over say 12 sometimes that some of them go the other way when they see me. The thing is over a series of events I don't know how to be "friends" with people anymore! Sigh, I have been thinking of this a lot lately, what is wrong with me, if it doesn't involve diapers or celeb gossip I am totally out of luck anymore. I feel like such a loser at my husbands functions, I have enough "life" experience I can wing it but I usually walk away feeling like a tool! :( three years ago though... I could have made a high price call girl give up her list. Of course considering I have put on 0 lbs I try not to bring up my former "real" life! LMAO

Frannie Farmer said...

T .. in my world you are a Rock Star!