Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Thanksgiving Prayer - by Charlie Daniels

A Thanksgiving Prayer
Heavenly Father we give you our praise,
For your bountiful blessings which sweeten our days,
For the bold blazing patchwork of the bright autumn leaves,
For each step that we take and each breath that we breathe,
For the soft breeze that whispers and the ocean that roars,
For the hummingbird's shimmer and the eagle that soars,
For the tall stately mountains that are older than time,
For the vast waving grain fields and the fruit of the vine,
For the thunder and lightning and the tempests that rage,
For the wonder of childhood and the wisdom of age,
For the shimmering cities with their millions of lights,
For the hamlet, the village and the wonderful sight
Of a storm in the making bringing life giving rain,
A late summer sunset or the moon on the wane,
For the luscious green forests all tangled and wild
For the love of a woman and the trust of a child,
For the loyal policeman who stands in harm's way,
And the brave men and women who day after day,
Are the keepers of freedom the bearers of arms,
Who watch and protect us and keep us from harm,
For the fireman who goes where no other would dare,
For the doctors and nurses and the people who care,
For the sick and the needy and those who are kind,
For the homeless, the hungry, the lame and the blind,
For the tellers of tales and the singers of songs,
And the old man who passes his knowledge along,
For a child's giddy laughter at a birthday surprise,
And the soft tender wonder in a new mother's eyes,
For the clean virgin beauty of the new fallen snow,
For the vast sandy deserts where the wild west wind blows,
For my Tennessee valley in the cold morning fog,
And the unfettered love of a faithful old dog,
For the late April buttercups in golden bloom,
And the silvery fullness of an October moon,
For our little brick church and the songs of the choir,
For the snuggly comfort of a warm winter fire,
But most of all Heavenly Father above,
For the blessings of mercy, forgiveness and love
And of all of your sweet gifts the most precious one,
Is the wonderful glorious gift of your Son.
No words can describe the supreme awesome cost,
That you paid for the souls of the wicked and lost,
So now as we pause and look back through the year,
With our bountiful table and our loved ones all near
My cup runneth over as I humbly pray
to my Lord and my Saviour on this Thanksgiving day.

---Charlie Daniels


Ms. Elenaeous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

prunella jones said...

Hope you have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

God bless you!!