Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stuck again.

{Rant} Different day, same shit crap stuff.

Oops, does that sound bad? Sorry. Feelin' a little bit grumpy today.

We had a snowstorm last night and I, wrongly, assumed that it would be gone by this morning. Yea, not so much. We now have feet of snow.
And Mr. Farmer had to go back into the city, after getting home at 9ish last night. Thus, he took the big rig and there is too much snow for me to drive the commuter car.

So, I missed church today – never a good way to start (or end, however you look at it) my week.

Ok, not that I could have gone anyway. LittleMiss has a horrendous cough and spent a profuse amount of time vomiting last night … but I would have liked to have the option.

I am sorry if I sound like a whiner. I really am. But even though I am a stay-at-home-mom, I don’t actually stay at home all that often. And I am generally NOT cooped up with all of the kids the entire time.

They are grumpy … and then happy because they can play in the snow … and then grumpy because they missed Sunday school and didn’t get to practice for the Christmas recital … and then they are happy because they can play in the snow and maybe just maybe they will miss school tomorrow … and then they are grumpy because they know it isn’t so … and then they are happy because they get to play in the snow today (be grateful y’all, we don’t normally get snow) … and then they are grumpy because the don’t have the uber cool snow gear and gadgets that the fancy schmancy family across the way has.

You see my battle? It just doesn’t end. And Mr. Farmer won’t be home until late and when he arrives home he will be cantankerous, as he always is when he has to make this trip, and of course he will be hungry and tired and he’ll eat and then head off to bed. Grrr.

So, you see, there will be no break today. Church is a break, but it is also rejuvenation for me. It is the time that I can sit quietly, reflect on the week I have had and prepare myself for the week ahead.

Ok, I am movin’ on now.

Tell me what is up with this Beta Blogger thing. I know that I asked the question before, but now I am getting annoyed. Every time I log in I am inundated with the ‘switch now’, ‘take a tour’, ‘it’s so much better’ .. blah, blah, blah. Leave me alone. If I wanted to switch, I would. But I don’t wanna. I have heard that it is a pain in the ass patootie. Whew, look at me. I miss one day of church and I turn into a heathen.

Alright, so if you haven’t checked out Atomictumor yet. I am askin’ ya nicely to do so. This is a family that needs some support. I have no doubt that they need financial support, but I am also certain that they are in need of some good ole prayer. Lend your heart, won’tcha?

Just finished readin’ Rebecca Wells' Ya-Yas in Bloom. It was okay. Not as good as Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, but entertaining none the less. It was an easy read. Something you could put down and pick up again later, with ease. So it wasn’t riveting. Which I guess is okay, right?

Finally, I must ask the question. What in the world is Britney doin' hangin' out with Paris? Is she trying to prove K-Fed right? Or the tabloids? Or just what? I don't get it. I have felt bad for her in the past, thinkin' she gets a pretty bum wrap ... if people saw how Frannie sometimes parents ... well ya know - there could be trouble for any of us. But seriously, Paris 'IamnmsoselfishIdon'tthinkotherpeopledeservetobreaththesameairasme,
butheylookatmycootchiewon'tya' Hilton?? What the heck? I'm just askin'. {/Rant}

Yep, I am done rantin' now. I'll come down off of my soap box and let y'all get back to your day.

~ Peace Friends ...

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.-Booker T. Washington

Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. Hebrews 12:28


Ms. Elenaeous said...

Snow already? Ewwww, don't be mad but we just put up our X-mas lights over the last two days in short sleeves. Once the little one feels better, so will you. Hang in there...

T-girl said...

Yeah... here I am sitting here thinking the weatherman was wrong agian and at least you have SNOW to show for all this wet and cold! LOL I know the other feelings though... my hubby is the same way when he comes home, especially in crappy weather. He came home 20 minutes early last night because as he put it: "it is just to a$$ cold to pull over another car!" LOL All he wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep... so he did.. but I admit I followed him! LMAO

I am SO with you on the whole Brit/PH factor... wtf? Evidently she enjoys hanging out with white trash, it is ingrained in her DNA! Personally if PH was to feel sorry for me and want to help cheer me up, I think I would help myself by slitting my wrists! LOL I mean seriously how pathetically sorry off do you have to be to need HER help! LMAO

Cheer up love! It is only a few more months of this crap weather then it becomes clear why we live in the NW!

Hugs- T

Anonymous said...

What a drag...but you just go ahead and rant away. You know I do LOL

Anonymous said...

You don't sound like a whiner, just a little stir crazy, or with a bit of cabin fever. Not to worry, you should be able to get out by April. *G*

Just keep cookin' up those body warming, soul soothing dinners. The winter will fly by.

Anonymous said...

You don't sound like a whiner, just a little stir crazy, or with a bit of cabin fever. Not to worry, you should be able to get out by April. *G*

Just keep cookin' up those body warming, soul soothing dinners. The winter will fly by.

Jennboree said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Your post is funny..but, seriously, no TV in your home? Not even a tiny one hidden in the garage to catch the 900th news story of Dateline "Predators"?

prunella jones said...

You're not whiny at all. If it was me I'd be rolling around on the floor with convulsions of boredom 'cause I hate being stuck at home too.

Anonymous said...

Snow? Of that I'm jealous.
The rest? I wish I could relate, because single-dom makes me ache. I suppose the grass is always greener!

I wasn't a blogger beta fan, so I switched to wordpress. Hopefully you'll have more luck!

Frannie Farmer said...

Ms E .. I thought you were my friend! No lights here, for at least a week I bet. And short sleeves - whew, maybe under the sweatshirt that is under the sweater, that is under the jacket that is under the fricken parka.
T - I really, really, really want a nap! and I can not imagine a situation when I would ask PH for help! Never, ever, ever!
Trish - thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. The ranting is likely to be present for a bit longer :)
Iris - April, April, April. I will continue to repeat that. Life will be good (warm) in April!
Jenn - thanks for coming by :) We have a TV, but no cable - we get 1 channel and right now we don't even get that ... Yippee.
Pru - I am close baby. Seriously close to my eyeballs rolling to the back of my head and screaming out tourretes like profanities.
Bre - well, I suppose the grass WOULD be greener if we could actually SEE the grass :) lol! I haven't switched to the blogger beta, but I am getting tired of the pop ups telling me how great it is. I think I might switch to wordpress eventually .. but I have to decide what *style* I really want.