Sunday, November 19, 2006

Losing your inhibitions.

So, here is my question; what does it take for you to lose you inhibitions?

For a lot of people, a glass of wine or four will do the trick. Other require stronger stimulus … I was actually going to include a list of other stimuli but the internet search was so vast and my personal knowledge so limited that I will just leave the ‘other’ stuff up to your own imagination …

I can sometimes be in the glass of wine category, in actuality I almost always lose my inhibitions with wine. However, I don’t always need to lose those pesky inhibitions. Every once in a while it just takes a few people in the room to cheer me on, tell me how witty or funny I am and throw in the plants being aligned - I am good to go. I can make a completely sober ass out of myself.

I guess that’s why it is easier to make an ass out of yourself when you have been drinking. You have an excuse then, it isn’t just your naturally peculiar self coming out to play. You can look back and blame it all on the Australian Sauvignon Blanc talking.

Although, at this particular moment I almost wish I didn’t have the wine to blame for my latest outing. I knew better. I started out the evening so well. So sober. ‘No thank you, I’ll just have wine with my dinner.’ And I did that. I waited until dinner, except I didn’t actually eat the dinner. And they kept bringing more wine and the evening had started off with numerous people inflating my ego with kind words and accolades.

One of the ladies asked me, early in the evening, to give her a heads up if I thought she was indulging a bit too much at the Chardonnay table. I guess my mistake was thinking that the responsibility was mutual; she in turn would let me know when my glass had been filled too many times. Yea, not so much …

So, my memory of the evening continues to be a bit cloudy … fuzzy … and a little painful if I am truly honest.

I am hoping that if I done anything TOO terribly wrong, I would have gotten a phone call by now. Mr. Farmer was in attendance but he is fairly lenient when Frannie actually has a night out on the town, so I’m not sure he would say anything … also, this was a schmoozing party so we didn’t spend much time together as a couple … we were merely ships passing in the night. But no, I didn’t pass out or anything like that …

I just thing that I might have had a few too many type of conversations, ya know what I mean?

Although I did have company over last night - they had the pleasure of my ramblings the night before and they still came, on time, with smiles and when asked if I had morally offended them at any point during the night, they looked genuine when they said no … but they are city folk, so it just might be that they are used to it …

The thing I am having the most trouble with is … oh I just can't post it ... Next year – no heart-to-heart talks. No, no, no, no, no!


T-girl said...

Good Lord woman what did you do? Did you flash any of your feminin wiles at anyone... besides your smile I mean! If not you are safe, most people are fairly forgiving AND they probably were to drunk to remember themselves! LMAO

I know EXACTLY how you feel though... I do the same damn thing! LOL For me it is anything with alchol- "oh just one!" "oh this is good!" "Oh no, I could not possibly have more... ok, just one go light on the rum!" Fast forward hours later when the hubby is pouring me into bed and I am laughing like a loon! I do the heart to heart thing myself, I like to blame it on the fact that I am stuck at home all day with kids but the fact is... I just like to talk! LMAO

Hugs- feel better- T

PS I am sure they were not tormented by you the night before- from what I am told down here- you gave one hell of a table dance!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

It is for precisely that reason that I rarely ever indulge in alcohol. That and the history of my family, which you know if you read my Remembrance Day post about my dad.

But it doesn't sound like you did anything too terrible. Just like you were having some fun. My big question, how many people did you tell about your blog???

Frannie Farmer said...

T, girl .. you are right on. My table dance rocks. and then it rolls. and then it sort of tips over.
After that .. yea, I'm not really sure.
Offline, baby. I will fill ya in offline.
Iris .. yep, I know. And generally, these day, I abstain .. but it was just one of those times. It won't be repeated in this decade :) my head and my ego couldn't handle it.