Thursday, November 30, 2006

I will not rant about s.n.o.w. today.

Because I am sure that y'all are tired of hearin' it - almost as much as the stories about Brit's coochie.

So, first I was going to post about horoscopes. I have mixed emotions about readin' them - ever since I attended a sermon about the *evils* of horoscopes, zodiac signs, Ouija boards, tarot cards, physics and the likes.

Now, I was never a fan of the Ouija board. I have never had my cards read and I have never seen a physic. But horoscopes ... yea I can relate to them. Well, when I want to. SO maybe that will be a topic tomorrow ...

Anywho ... I said I was going to write about horoscopes ... then I decided that I would try out the THURSDAY THIRTEEN thingy that I have read on other blogs before - and when I say before, I guess I mean before TODAY. Because I did a quick search around to my favorite bloggin' gals, thinkin' I could get a clue from them - and NO ONE in my 30-40 daily reads (ok, maybe every other day) actually had a THURSDAY THIRTEEN (or THIRTEEN THURSDAY ... whatever it is) post. So, although I have read them before I am not sure that I understand the basic premise, so I am skipping it (at least for now) today.

So, here’s what happens to Frannie … I start out readin’ a few of my favorite blogs and then I end up readin’ the comments and then I start readin’ the blogs of the commenters and – well you know the rest of the story – it is a never ending process, if you let it be. My favorites list is ginormous and if I actually could, I could spend all day just hoppin’ from one groovy blog to the next.

But usually I get to readin’ and such – hopin’ to catch up this blogger or that one … and them one of the kids (darn ‘em anyway) goes and needs somethin’ from me. You know what I mean? And then I almost never get the momentum back … and certainly not the posting momentum. I guess that’s why my posts are generally so all over the place – I tend to write them in bits and pieces.

Oh see, there I go ... I had a point here. Really, I did.

One of my favorite bloggers, who I have read for quite some time, is Manic Mom over at Manic Mom's Mental Myriads. Manic is a very talented writer, just waiting to land her agent - and I know that she will. She has a great banter with Swishy, Hotwire, Drew, Trish & Trish Ryan, Karitown, Ramblin Rose , TTQ - ALL on my favoites list, throw in T-Girl, naivehelga, HolyMama!, Equipped to Fascinate ... oh heavens ... can you see how easily I am sidetracked??

Soooo ... anywho, off I go again. Manic Mom is hoping to increase her readership. Now y’all know that I am all for helpin’ out a fellow mom so off you go now … all 3 or 4 of you that visit here, that don’t already read Manic’s daily musings. It will be fun or at least very funny, I promise.

Now, I just wanna also let you know that this post took me approximately 3 hours to complete. No, I wasn’t just sittin’ here at the computer tryin’ to think of witty things to say … heavens; I would hope that I could come up with somethin’ better in 3 hours … no, I was up and down, up and down; helpin’ sick children, snow drenched children, hungry children, grumpy children, Mr. Farmer … y’all know the drill right?

Final words … I did accomplish some good things today – I actually went to the grocery store ALONE (Hallelujah!). I did buy fruits, veggies, and good healthy foods. But I also bought some *junk food* - I got some Ritz Crackers, but they are whole wheat, them makes 'em better right? I also got some lays - the wavy kind, but I haven't opened them yet and it has been a good six hours since they entered the house. WooHoo.

I wish I could say that I accomplished more today ... but I think I am doin' pretty good since all of the children have been fed, most of them have been bathed and I haven't yelled at anyone today - pretty good for nearly 5pm!

Wishing you peace my friends ...
~ Frannie

The awareness of our own strength makes us modest. -Paul Cezanne

Conscience is the inner voice that warns us that someone might be looking.- HL Mencken, author, critic and newspaperman

The day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives. 2 Peter 3:10-11

**oh look** … did you notice that there are 13 bloggers listed above ... maybe that can count as my THURSDAY THIRTEEN …

***oh wait*** No one should assume that the above mentioned 13 are my only favorite blogs - they aren't, really, truly, honestly! I have sooo many that I love, I just couldn't add everyone ... well because I started out by talking about Manic Mom ... and and there I go gettin' all tongue tied and stutterin' and such. What I am tryin' to say is that I like ALL of you, and ALL of you will be mentioned by and by.


T-girl said...

You meantioned me (only the good Lord knows why but hey I am not complaining you are one of my 3 readers! LOL) SO I think the list is brilliant! ;)

Hugs- T

PS I am having the same issue! i have an idea though about what I am going to blog about in a mo... Babykins new discovery!

kissmekate said...

Laughin my ass off here! I can so realte to your post.

And when it comes to clicking on the commenters profile....I am with you! You start in one spot and end up 100 blogs down the road. It becoems so incestous!

Anonymous said...

man, I hate blogger beta! everytime I post a really good comment, I lose it when I go to sign in. Stinks!

anyway, I was saying that I love reading other blogs too, and can spend hours on here a day, if I let myself.

I read Manic too and she is hilarious! Love her!

Thanks for visiting I have another list I have to go through...oh the pressure.;)

So what does my long lost sister look like? ps. I love stalkers!

Frannie Farmer said...

T - of course I mentioned you .. you absolutely make my day!
Kate - thanks for stopping by. Now I am off to your place to read all of you readers....
Beth - welcome. I haven't done the swtich yet. (blogger beta) but I don't think I want to. Glad you came by ... hmm what do I look like? That's a tough questions. I feel like Catherine Zeta Jones, but look more like Cathy Bates :0)