Friday, January 19, 2007

Dark Chocolate M & M's

Have you tried them?

Are you a dark chocolate lover? A true dark chocolate lover ...

I am. In fact, I don't really like any other type of chocolate. I will eat it, kind of like Pizza, but I don't like it, it doesn't satisfy me ... it doesn't give me that warm feel or fulfill a guilty pleasure ... it's just okay.

So, I was excited today when I saw the Dark Chocolate M&M'S, here, I thought was a little slice of heaven that I could easily divide into small portions and satisfy my infrequent cravings ... I was at one of the Mart stores and found a giant bag in the Valentines Day section. Score. Put them in the freezer and munch those babies when it is necessary.

Except that I brought them home and, of course, I had to try them ... and do you know what?
They weren't that good. In fact, I dare say, they are no better, or different really, than the Milk Chocolate M&M's. I am so disappointed.

Of course, this won't stop me from eating them when I am absolutely dying for chocolate on those rare two days a month ... but it would have been so much better if they actually tasted like dark chocolate.


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Anonymous said...

Seems like I heard they were pretty good. Sad to know they're not the best...

I do love the dark, though. Especially since it's actually good for you! :)

T-girl said...

There is DARK CHOCOLATE M&M'S?????? You know what I am going to say so I won't bother! ROTFL I have to stop at the store in a little bit... I'll let you know! ;)

kissmekate said...

Hey Frannie,

Don't you hate that when you are really looking forward to something and once you have it you feel so dissatisfied?

That is the pits.

But thanks for letting me know that they are not really all that good. Now I don't have to buy a packet to try them out myself!

Anonymous said...

See, I don't get the urge to eat chocolate, rather to cook with it. Hence the cookies that are painted with chocolate currently cooling in the fridge!

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to try them's that crunch that I like. The chocolate can be dark or milk...doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Very good to know. I'm a dark chocolate snob.

Anonymous said...

I love milk chocolate, but no big fan of dark chocolate...of course, don't tell my husband that....HA!

Anonymous said...

I like dark chocolate, but I prefer milk chocolate. What's your favorite dark chocolate?

Anonymous said...

Hi Frannie!

Well, I have always loved chocolates. I like all kinds actually, but I'm not a fan of white chocolates. I prefer brown and dark ones. =)

I saw your blog on the Blogrolling blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Any chocolate is good chocolate to me. I don't discriminate. Wine, on the other hand, I can be snobby about.
I just read about sweetie pie. It sounds like her nickname really fits... it's too bad a mommy's hug can't always make everything better. I don't have any advice (not that you wanted any) except that I'll bet she'll be able to use that kindness and empathy one day to help others.

Anonymous said...

I havn't tried them but I love love love dark chocolate!

Thanks for the tip ;)

prunella jones said...

Any chocolates good to me as long as it contains peanuts.

Frannie Farmer said...

Anne - they aren't terrible .. they'll do, but I wouldn't consider them a real *treat* ..
T - Go gettem, let me know what you think!
Kate - that was it, I wanted a *treat* and this seemed perfect because I could portion them .. ah well.
Bre - I have never been able to cook with chocolate, I always seem to scortch (sp?) it.
Trish - they are crunchy, especially if you keep them in the fridge .. which I am.
Slackermommy - me too. It was probably foolish to expect them to be as good as I wanted them to be ..
Beth - I tend to like the *bitter* tastes, like sharp cheeses, or green olives ... I don't care for milk or white chocolate .. not that I don't eat them, just that I don't love them :O)
Kari - I actually like Hershey's special dark, I love Ghirardelli's Dark, Dove is ok .. but I would (almost) kill for Lindt Swiss Bittersweet Dark Chocolate ..
Miss P - Welcome. Glad you stopped by :) ... I never used to like chocolate at all, now I seem to like is during, well .. that time :O)
PC - I am getting more finicky with age .. with wine, chocolate and such, part of it is, I think, my tastes are becoming more sophisticated .. and I am also more careful about how I want to "spend" my calories!
K - I sooo love it too, especially when I NEED it. Like I said, I will still eat them, but they just aren't special.

Swishy said...

Aww ... too bad they weren't fabulous. But they're still chocolate ... that counts for something!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up..... I'll try thej if we ever get them here for now I'll stick with my tim tams.... :P

TTQ said...

I'm a gummy bear snob. Haribo. the other ones are too soft. Not much for chocolates.

queenb2u said...

Two small bags of M&M peanuts is just the right dessert when I'm hungry for chocolate, but a cake is too much for two people. It's so civilized when I place the yellow packages above the plate and to the side of the water glass. I'm not fussy about the kind of chocolate- just as long as it's chocolate!:)

Manic Mom said...

Go see my latest comment on Fly Girls regarding how you like your soda ; )