Saturday, January 06, 2007

I ate the whole thing.

Yes, I did. I ate the entire box of Wheat Thins. Plus some saltines. And for dinner, I had mashed potatoes.

Yes it was a highly nutritious day for Frannie. And the brood. Cause you know, if MaaMaa isn't eating well .. neither is the rest of the family.

Today should be slightly better. I hope.

It was the on-set of what ended up being an awful migraine. I am still pretty shaky, but life must go on. I have some things that must be done today.

We have no fruit or veggies in the house, the milk is almost gone and I am pretty sure that the lone package of lunch meat in the fridge is not good. We do have PB & J though ... so, well, the kids would be ok with that ... except for the milk thing.

Oh, yes .. and AngelBaby needs diapers.

Darn, I don’t even know if I will be able to go out … just typing this and getting the brood breakfast has made me so tired. I hate migraines and what they can do to your system.

… more later



T-girl said...

Dying here... so when you are at the store mind picking some things up for me? I picked the diapers up last night because, well, it get's to be to big of a pain to clean up the messes if I don't but, I think I have a loaf of moldy bread to go with your sandwhich meat. Think of it as fighting off infection, that is what I do! LOL

Sigh, I have to go tot he store today also... I will think of you!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh not fun not fun...

When my guys were young I felt like I couldn't afford to get sick because there is ALWAYS something urgent that needed to be attended to.

Get better soon:)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad.. I sucked down an entire sleeve of saltines in about 45 minutes. Ugh. I may have saltine hangover now, however!

Manic Mom said...

WHEAT THINS? Why the heck did you waste calories on those? Unless of course you dipped them in chocolate or chili-cheese dip before eating them?

Can you tell I'm about to get my period?!?!?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Those darn migraines...when will they end?? I can't remember if the doc had any idea why you get them so often????

Frannie Farmer said...

T- are you stuck again? We are and it sucks.
Trish - That is exactly how I feel. Things are hairy enough when I am working on all cylinders .. it is hell in a handbasket when I am not functioning.
Bre - I've had that hangover before. In fact, today I think I have a cheerio hangover.
Manic - I know! What a waste. At least I could have had those buttery crackers or dipped the Wheat Thins in ranch dressing (a fav or ours .. which is sometimes known as Dinner!)
Mack - I have seen Doctor after Doctor after Doctor and there has never been anything conclusive. Now I don't have insurance, which means I suffer through them .. ick.
Love the new picture btw!