Saturday, February 24, 2007

Check it out.

So, if you haven't seen it already ... head on over to Just Jared ( and watch the interview between George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Too darned funny and so CUTE. Brad Pitt even calls during interview ....

I have a feeling that if Julia hadn't hooked up with Danny - she and George would be the cutest couple ever.

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Of course there is also the interview between Russel Crowe and Nicole Kidman .... not nearly as funny or cute. But not as bad as I thought it would be ... Nicole just continues to be very guarded ... but really, personally, I can't blame her.
And the botox thing ... yea, she should stop now. But I do think she is lovely and probably a very sweet person.

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Hope your weekend is good. Umm ... we have s.n.o.w. again. Grrr... it won't stick, but its irritating anyway.


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Swishy said...

I thought George and Julia were totally cute, too! George is soooo charming.

Jenster said...

I DVR'd it and haven't taken the time to watch it yet. I'm looking forward to the George/Julia segment. They both are such "laughers" and seem to enjoy just having a good time.

Mackenzie1975 said...

You are so right..they are the perfect couple. I just love her personality!!

We had an ice storm last night...ugh!

prunella jones said...

Busy, busy weekend. I didn't even get to watch the Oscars.

Whenever I see Nicole Kidman I just want to ask her all about her Tom Cruise years. You just know she has some juicy secrets.

Scooter said...

That was so cute! Am I the only one who thinks they may have detected some serious attraction there, or is it just me?

T-girl said...

ok, i FINALLY watched this... and the Nic/Rus interview. I think she was just really nervous, also she is shy! People think she should be all glitz and glamour, especially after Tom but she never wanted that I don't think. She is basically just a nice Catholic girl wanting to settle down and she got Tom Cruise, the King of "I am God like." Have you seen the 60 minutes Australia interview with her from a few years back? Brilliant! The guy who did the interview was a childhood friend she bags Tom. It was great! LOL

The other one was too funny! I LOVED his "I am the best two-timer since you!" comment! Classic! Those two are like people you want to have over for dinner, but not while you are eating because you would probably choke to death! LMAO

-Princess Shin- said...

I wanna watch that video too.. Where do you get it from?

You think Nicole Kidman really did do a nose job? I like her.

K said...

Wow. I kind of think that suggestion is the greatest one ever!

Perfect couple!

Beth said...

I too, love George and Julia...esp. when she had to pee! They are too cute together. But Nicole...meh...she strikes me as "odd"...I guess I shouldn't be one to talk!

Frannie Farmer said...

Swishy - he is on my *list* :O)
Jen - you gotta. they ARE great "laughers"!
Mack - I wonder what her husband thinks when he watches them?
Ice storm ... ick! We had more snow today.
Pru - I would sooo love to talk to *Nic* - I think he has a think about shortening their names ... didn't he call Penelope "Penny"?
Scooter - welcome. Not just you -- seriously sparky business.
T - I have to agree, I think she is probably quite sghy - and the whole Tom think likely made her pretty unsure of herself. Just my opinion.
I thought the 2 timing comment was classic and I loved the ribbing from Brad - hmmm speaking of 2 timer :O)
Princess - you can go to JustJared or YouTube .. Type in Oprah Oscars Interview.
I think Nicole did something .. not sure what - I am NO expert. I am always the one to say maybe she is just growing into herself and then everyone laughs at me.
K - Thanks for stopping by! Glad to see you again.
Can you imagine the babies they would have? Probably not redheads though.
Beth - I totally loved that she could just waltz right into his big-ass mansion and say "I have to pee" - come on .. it's Goerge Clooney's house - wow! And then he makes her a burger. Dang. One day .. just one day like that ... please. Ok, well a girl can dream right!