Saturday, February 03, 2007

Day 2, no coffee.

Do ya feel for me? At all?

I tell ya ... it hurts. The no coffee thing. I need coffee. Which does make me sad, as I prefer not to need anything ... besides air and God (and not in that order).

The other sad part is, if I don't drink my prerequisite pot of coffee in the morning ... then I eat. Well, I do generally eat a little in the morning - some yogurt w/granola or fruit - but it seems that the coffee (duh) fills me up and keeps me going ... with out it, I just want food and then I get tired.


The wee ones are busy gettin' themselves dressed for the day ... you should see the lovely combinations of skirts, dresses, tights, pajama bottoms and tutu's ... whatever, I don't care what they wear. We have to go to the mall, which I hate ... so I just don't care what they wear - it will make me laugh.

Mr. Farmer still insists that he can fix the coffee pot, but if I see on on sale, I might just be tempted ...

5 Minutes For Mom is having a Contest! Tomorrow is the cutoff, so stop by and check out the terrific goods they're givin' away.

Anyone out there know a blog designer? I am really interested in getting my own design ... just don't know where to go.

No one mentioned that they would like the Frannie's Fixin's & Cookin' Tips back ... so I am still trying to decide if I should nix them ...

Well, shower time for Frannie - hope your Saturday is fabulous!


Never lose sight of this important truth, that no one can be truly great until he has gained a knowledge of himself, a knowledge which can only be acquired by occasional retirement. - Johann Georg von Zimmermann

God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. Psalm 53:2


anne said...

I definitely feel for you on the coffee thing...I am totally the same way. I would have absolutely bought one by now... :)

Heather said...



Jenster said...

I totally feel for you. I had to have nothing but IV fluids, including morphine, for several days to kick my caffeine addiction. Well, that's not really why I had the IV drugs, but I quit caffeine without any withdrawals. I highly recommend it - though I still have the need for decaff coffee.

prunella jones said...

Go get one! Coffee is a neccesity of life, right up there with air and water.

T-girl said...

OK, THIS is what you do! Men, as you know, like to feel important and like they are your hero BUT the fact is you can NOT survive without coffee... stop the friggin planet I want off if I miss my coffee. Some people do speed I do caffiene, in the whole scheme of life this is my vice, sue me! SO, if you buy that coffee pot Mr. Farmer is going to be upset, not only does it cost money BUT it also will hit his manly pride. We both know he most likely can't fix it BUT... maybe he can, let's give him the bennifit of the doubt. Now, tomorrow go to Safeway, Winco where ever, get those ones that are like teabags, coffee singles I think. They taste like butthole but are not too terriably bad and better then instant. Now, if Mr. Farmer is anything like Big J a week or three will go by and still no coffee pot. After a week or so, say something to the effect of "Baby, would you like a cup of coffee" and fix him one! LMAO No, seriously, say something like, "babe I don't mind these coffee singles but they are spendy and I really need my coffee. You would be my total hero and I would be your love monkey if you could get that coffee pot fixed for me. It would really mean a lot to me!" Don't be "naggy" or whatnot, just be super sweet and make it worth his wild if you know what I mean! LOL Let him be your hero... it is a coffee pot I know but it would mean a lot to him if he can fix it for you I bet.

See what happens when I read Dr. Laura, I think I can fix the world! LMAO Good luck and seriously try the singles until he get's it fixed... or goes and buys you another pot... which he will do if he can't!

Hugs- T

Anonymous said...

I have the same thing as you for breakfast and yes coffee is the thing that pulls it all together.

A trip to the mall with small kids is always fun isn't it? ;)

TTQ said...

Coffee is to bloggers as gasoline is to cars. Just sayin'

ffleur said...

Hi Frannie,

I love when kids dress themselves. They look so adorable and as long as they are not exposing themselves or getting cold, I agree, let them do it themselves. Builds self-esteem.

I like your recipes. I actually made your white chili with beans and cilantro awhile ago. It lasted a week and in the end I admitted I would never finish it but I'm single and there was no one else to feed it to. But it was very good.

ffleur said...

oh and about the coffee, I'm not a coffee drinker but didn't I hear somewhere you can put ground coffee in a pot with water and just boil it? Isn't that how you do it at campfires? Just a thought...

primarycolors said...

Frannie, I just snorted as I was reading/laughing at what you wrote on Friday. Oh my WORD, AngelBaby undressing at church- that whole scene- I can totally see it... doesn't it make you think of that commercial for Southwest- "Wanna Get Away?"
If I am without coffee, I drink the he** out of some Diet Mello Yellos.

Mackenzie1975 said...

I hate coffee...dirt water really. I hope you kick that is very freeing.
I love your cooking tips BTW.

Frannie Farmer said...

All ... you are so terrific. I didn't buy a new one, but I did stop by the coffee stand and I did buy the (blech) singles .. Mr. Farmer does not care for them and he is working on the coffee pot today .. we'll see :O)
Anne - I am glad that I resisted. Just so that I could say I did! :O)
Heather - Yep. and I don't wanna.
Jen - I have given up so many of my other vices that I want to keep this one ... is that bad?
Pru - straight up baby. water, air, coffee, God. gotta have 'em!
T - yea, well ... hmmm. Good idea, I'll have to talk on the side about that one :O)
Trish - I totally skipped the mall, I just couldn't do it. too much pressure.
TTQ - I am sooo keeping that line in the mental archives - too, too true!
ffleur - I am glad that you used the recipe. I love the white chili!
I do tend to make LARGE sized recipes, but I also tend to unexpectadly bring people dinner .. they like it and I always feel good doing it.
I do have a french press that I could use, but I just don't like the flavor - it isn't the same ...
PC - what is Mello Yello? I haven't heard of it before ... I think??
Mack - I am keeping the coffee vice. I had a Dr. tell me that w/my migraines, I have to either give up ANY form of caffine - or keep drinking it .. don't be wishy washy about it .. I decided then that I was going to keep this vice .. I have eliminated a lot of the *fun* stuff from my life .. I am keeping that one :)
I'm glad you like the tips. I like doing it, so I think I will continue.