Thursday, October 05, 2006

Frannie's Cookin' Tips

Starting out ...
You should always read cookbook recipes throughly.
I do mean completely. Yep, entirely.

When cooking using a recipe, it is important to read the recipe in its entirety before you even begin cooking. This way, you know you have all of the tools and ingredients you needs before you even begin. Recipes should list the ingredients in order of use; however, not all recipes do so. Measurements are important and when a recipe author recommends a specific serving size, use an actual measurement tool and not utensils you would use for serving.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for this truly wise advice.
My mom commits recipes to memory and when she tries to pass them on to me she uses terms like "a bit of..."
Not much help. Real cookbooks are so nice nowadays...I love getting a new one. Even though I do not cook to often!!